IstioCon 2023 Virtual Event to be Held in September

If you are a member of the DevOps, SRE, or Platform teams running Istio service mesh, you should not miss this: IstioCon 2023 virtual event is scheduled for September 25 and 26, and you can register for the event for free here.

Source: Linux Foundation

IstioCon is one of the occasions where Istio users and maintainers come together and share lessons learned from running and maintaining Istio. You can virtually participate in the event, learn, and network with folks running Istio from different enterprises.

IstioCon 2023 event schedule

Below is the schedule of topics that will be discussed in IstioCon 2023. Apart from these, there will be opening and closing remarks from Istio committee members.

Monday, September 25
11:05 am EDTIstio ambient Service Mesh Made Simple
11:40 am EDTFine-Grained Policies RBAC with NGAC
12:25 pm EDTIstio ambient Mesh as Managed Infrastructure
12:35 pm EDTIstio Roadmap Updates
1:10 pm EDTPre-Sail Checks: Do You Need a Checklist Before Sailing to Production with Istio?
1:50 pm EDTAmbient in the Real World
2:25 pm EDTAchieving Fault Tolerance in Istio with Observability-Driven Load Management
3:00 pm EDTUntangling Your Istio Mesh with Feature Gates
3:40 pm EDTIdentity Theft Is Not a Joke, Jim! How Istio ambient Mesh Safeguards Our Pod Identities
4:15 pm EDTMultiplayer Istio: Collaborative WASM Plugins
Tuesday, September 26
10:45 am EDTDebunking the Istio Is Complex Meme
11:15 am EDTUsing Istio to Build Better Service Level Objectives
11:45 am EDTExpanding Horizons: Advanced Deployment Strategies in Multi-Cluster Kubernetes Environments
12:30 pm EDTTracing CI/CD with OpenTelemetry
12:40 pm EDTLife of a Request in Istio ambient Mesh
12:50 pm EDTBest-Practices for Securing Egress Traffic with Istio
1:00 pm EDTThe Security Evolution of GRPC Services in the Mesh
1:30 pm EDTA Look at Istio’s Journey with the Gateway API
2:10 pm EDTIstio’s Multicluster Networking Modes: Connecting Clusters Beyond Borders
2:40 pm EDTDemystifying Load Balancing in Istio
3:10 pm EDTBuild Reliable Applications with Kubernetes and Istio Using Application Archetypes
3:40 pm EDTBridging the Gap: Gradual Istio Implementation for Your Platform
4:10 pm EDTTraffic Dialling
4:40 pm EDTSLATE: Globally Optimizing Request Routing

Istio ambient mesh making the noise

Most Istio users are excited about Istio ambient mesh. The sidecar-less Istio architecture is easier to manage and comparatively consumes fewer resources. 

IstioCon 2023 covers multiple talks on Istio ambient mesh that DevOps, SRE, and Platform engineers want to attend. So do not miss out. Register for the event for free and let us e-meet there.

(FYI: We have done a few blogs on Istio ambient mesh. You can check them out here:

If you want to implement Istio ambient mesh right now, let our Istio experts help.)

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Anas T

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