IMESH Gateway

Enterprise Envoy API gateway for multicloud and Kubernetes apps

IMESH API gateway combines the proprietary IMESH plugins with commercial-grade Envoy API gateway to make traffic to your cloud and Kubernetes application more secure, reliable, and manageable.

Istio and Envoy is used by

Air Bnb
Cash App
Auto Trader
Sales Force
Air Bnb
Cash App
Auto Trader
Sales Force

5 Reasons why Envoy API gateway is becoming popular

The Envoy API gateway project was built by converging multiple open source projects such as Contour, Emissary, and Envoy-specific use cases. The final product is a powerful Kuberntes-native API management solution for all applications.

API gateway

Manage the north-south traffic to your multicloud, on-prem web, or mobile apps using the Envoy API gateway at the edge. It provides network services for creating filters, routing logics, and security policies. Using the API gateway you can implement advanced use cases such as load balancing, high availability, rate limiting, failover, event tracing, and traffic monitoring.

API gateway API gateway

Light-weight ingress controller

Envoy acts as the load balancer and the reverse proxy for your Kubernetes application. You can use Envoy to abstract the ingress traffic (traffic between services) and egress traffic (traffic going outside of a cluster).

Light-weight ingress controller Light-weight ingress controller

Native support for Istio and Consul

Envoy is used as the sidecar proxy in the data plane for Istio and Consul service mesh. So, platform teams can extend the Envoy API gateway functionality to support the service mesh implementation. You can avoid having many tools for different use cases in traffic management and security implementation.

Native support for Istio and Consul Native support for Istio and Consul

Zero trust using TLS support

Achieve zero trust with Envoy API gateway support for TLS termination and TLS origination. You can encrypt all your communication between clients, API gateway, ingress, and proxies. Envoy also provides a JWT authentication mechanism to reject invalid requests using HTTP filter configurations.

Zero trust using TLS support Zero trust using TLS support

Declarative configuration

The Envoy API gateway is Kubernetes-native and built with principles of declarative configuration. It provides CRDs to enable DevOps and platform engineers to deploy it as a Kubernetes deployment object and easily integrate it into CI/CD pipelines or GitOps workflow.

Declarative configuration Declarative configuration

Envoy API gateway architecture

Envoy works as the API gateway and ingress controller to manage the traffic from clients to an application. One of the common use cases of the Envoy API gateway is to implement HA/DR applications. Platform teams can use Envoy as a proxy to implement service mesh for better security of service-to-service communication.

Envoy API gateway architecture Envoy API gateway architecture

API Management with IMESH Gateway

Managed and SaaS

Managed and SaaS

ESH provides managed and SaaS version of enterprise-ready hardened Envoy API gateway so that you can run it anywhere.

Faster Adoption

Faster Adoption

Avoid the learning curve and lifecycle management hassle to unlock the power of Envoy for your applications. 

Enterprise Plugins

Enterprise Plugins

Use enterprise features and out-of-the-box integrations on the top of Envoy API Gateway to make traffic more scalable, secure & reliant. 

Centralized Management Plane (UI)

Using IMESH gateway central management plan, you can monitor, analyze and manage the traffic to APIs and gateways to multicloud and hybrid cloud applications. You can make faster decisions to monetize your API.

Centralized Management Plane (UI) Centralized Management Plane (UI)

Developer portal

Use the IMESH developer portal to implement and deliver API as a product. You can avoid configuration drift with existing IMESH CRDs and templates. You can use the templates to deploy API using Jenkins or Spinnaker CI/CD pipelines or Argo CD GitOps workflow.

Developer portal Developer portal


IMESH gateway offers many pre-built integrations for you to secure your traffic.

Integrations Integrations

RBAC and Multi-tenancy

Onboard your developers and platform teams into Envoy API gateway with the least privileges. IMESH provides role-based access control (RBAC) to provide limited access to various users.

RBAC and Multi-tenancy RBAC and Multi-tenancy

Guaranteed outcomes of IMESH ENVOY API GATEWAY


Faster time to implement Envoy as API Gateway and ingress controller along with Istio control plane for all workloads within SLAs


Reduction in the time to maintain and fix Envoy vulnerabilities for production usage.


Improvements in productivity of your developers, cloud platform team and DevOps engineers with enterprise-grade plug and play Envoy and Istio solutions. 

The Kubernetes Native Network & Security Platform

Simplify and secure the network of distributed microservices across the cloud.