Zero-trust network with Istio

Improve the security posture of your multicloud apps with Istio.

Data is increasingly susceptible to attack with the rise of microservices and distributed apps across multiple clouds and containers. There must be more than perimeter security, such as firewall and IP security, to protect the data-in-transit and secure resources.

IT organizations need to apply Zero Trust to their network. And the best and easiest way to achieve Zero Trust is using Istio service mesh.

This book is designed for architects, cloud and network engineers, and Ops teams to learn:

  • Ten golden principles of achieving zero trust network
  • How Istio can help in completing all the facets of zero trust easily
  • Working and implementing a model of Istio for zero trust
  • Easy management of security and network of microservices and Kubernetes apps

Istio and Envoy is used by