Value of Istio Service Mesh and Case Studies

Improving the resilience and security of your microservices and multicloud apps with Istio

For better agility, scale, and rapid time-to-market, monolithic apps are broken into smaller microservices that are deployed into multiple clouds and Kubernetes. With growing microservices, it becomes pretty messy and overwhelming for developers to handle the network and security.

But Istio service mesh can help an infrastructure layer to abstract the network and security layers from the business logic and easily manage microservices.

This book is designed for developers, architects, cloud and network engineers, and Ops teams to learn:

  • Pieces of evidence of losses due to security breaches and network complexities in the recent time
  • How Istio can help achieve security (mTLS) of communication and avoid risks in a network
  • Case studies about Istio implementation at large enterprises
  • Overall value realized from Istio

Istio and Envoy is used by