Guide to understanding mTLS implementation with Istio

mTLS implementation with Istio

Secure your software network and avoid cyber attacks by implementing mTLS with Istio.

Gone are the days when IT was dependent on perimeter security. Today with the advent of microservices, cloud, and containers, the data is on the network, and the notion of the perimeter has disappeared.

The attacks on data in transit can be anytime and anywhere. There is rising evidence every year about various types of attacks on software networks, such as Man-in-the-middle attacks, DDoS, Packet sniffing, etc.

mTLS protocol was developed to avoid such attacks in the network by ensuring the authenticity of entities exchanging the data and maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of the data packets.

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  • How mTLS evolved from SSL and TLS
  • The working architecture of mTLS
  • How to implement mTLS with Istio service mesh
  • How does Istio handle certificate rotation with its Envoy proxies

Istio and Envoy is used by