Unified Observability with Istio and Skywalking

Webinar Description

DevOps and SREs need to have unified observability across all their distributed systems and underlying infrastructure. It will help them tune performance issues and troubleshoot incidents if there are any.

But there are a lot of monitoring and observability tools available in the market. And it is cumbersome to go through multiple dashboards to achieve unified observability.

This is where DevOps and SREs can use Apache Skywalking. Skywalking is an open-source application performance monitoring that provides unified observability by feeding various telemetry data on a single platform.

Join us on the webinar to learn:

  • Why open source Skywalking and Istio are widely used in tandem
  • How to view logs, metrics, traces, and topology of sidecars in Skywalking
  • How to extend Skywalking to monitor applications (services) using OpenTelemetry

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Date : 24th August 2023

Time : 8:00 AM PDT | 8:30 PM IST | Thursday


Pulak Das

Pulak Das, Istio and Envoy Expert

Pulak is a frontend developer passionate about open source software, design and typography. His scientific interests as a computer science graduate are at the systems level: operating systems and programming languages.

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