Securing Multicloud Banking Application with Istio Service Mesh

Webinar Description

It is an understatement to say financial applications are the most complicated solutions known to the IT team. Behind a simple banking app are countless microservices for every process- transaction, beneficiary management, account management, ledger, loan, policy, compliance check, reconciliation, analytics, etc.

Usually, there is a hybrid model where these microservices are deployed into public/private cloud or on-prem data centers.

Since millions of transactions between numerous services happen on the network daily, a few questions troubles architects, security and compliance managers, and the engineering team:

  • How do we avoid cyberattacks?
  • How do we secure data in transit?
  • How Istio helps Security teams and SREs - case study
  • How to enforce organization policies such as ISO27001 and PCI DSS at each service?

That’s where open-source Istio service mesh helps. Join the webinar to learn how open-source Istio can:

  • Abstract network and security layer out of the application layer (business logic)
  • Connect all the services across Kubernetes cluster, multiple clouds and VMs
  • Encrypt all the transactions by applying mTLS from the Day-1
  • Apply global policies or regulations to each service with ease
  • And more.

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Date : 13th April 2023

Time : 03:00 pm-03:45 pm IST


Debasree Panda

Debasree Panda, CEO

Debasree is the CEO of IMESH. He understands customer pain points in cloud and microservice architecture. Previously, he led product marketing and market research teams at Digitate and OpsMx, where he had created a multi-million dollar sales pipeline. He has helped open-source solution providers- Tetrate, OtterTune, and Devtron- design GTM from scratch and achieve product-led growth. He firmly believes serendipity happens to diligent and righteous people.

Ravi Verma

Ravi Verma, CTO, IMESH

Ravi, a technology visionary, brings 12+ years of experience in software development and cloud architecture in enterprise software. He has led R&D divisions at Samsung and GE Healthcare and architected high-performance, secure and scalable systems for Baxter and Aricent. ​His passion and interest lie in network and security. Ravi frequently discusses open-source technologies such as Kubernetes, Istio, and Envoy Proxy from the CNCF landscape.

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