Implementing Multi-tenancy and RBAC in Istio

Webinar Description

Separating Kubernetes resources is crucial for administrators to maintain security and integrity in a large organization. Separation of workspaces or environments involves creating multiple tenants on the same infrastructure to facilitate the development and delivery of software for various application teams.

Since Istio abstracts the network and security out of the application, admins can find it challenging to set up their new infrastructure (Istio) to comply with their existing multi-tenancy. Architecture for applying multi-tenancy to Istio can be different based on how the cluster or namespace is shared with existing teams i.e., Developers, DevOps, SREs, etc.

If you are an architecture or infra admin, then join our webinar to learn:

  • Various scenarios of multi-tenancy in large organizations
  • Architecture to implement Istio to achieve multi-tenancy
  • Common best practices to set up Istio control plane and data plane single and multiple clusters.

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    Date : 10th August 2023

    Time : 08:00 am PST & 08:30 pm IST


    Ravi Verma

    Ravi Verma, CTO(Speaker)

    Ravi, a technology visionary, brings 12+ years of experience in software development and cloud architecture in enterprise software. He has led R&D divisions at Samsung and GE Healthcare and architected high-performance, secure and scalable systems for Baxter and Aricent. ​His passion and interest lie in network and security. Ravi frequently discusses open-source technologies such as Kubernetes, Istio, and Envoy Proxy from the CNCF landscape.

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