Transform Network and Traffic with Istio

Transform Network and Traffic with Istio

Achieve granular control over the traffic and network of microservices in the cloud with Istio

B2B organizations nowadays are adopting the subscription-based business model. This results in an increased number of subscribers and a huge rise in traffic to their applications. To meet the growing demand and provide a seamless customer experience, most of them are adopting microservices architecture to build applications.

However, every American company faces 15 service outages per year, and 91% of large American companies lose around $0.3 million per hour of network downtime. These happen because of the increased traffic and network complexity due multicloud deployments.

This ebook provides an antidote to those challenges. If you are an architect, DevOps, or SRE, explore this book to simplify and secure your network. You will learn how Istio:

    • Manages internal network
    • Handles traffic at the edge
    • Allows chaos engineering
    • Facilitates implementing mTLS
    • Provides multicloud network and traffic observability

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