Istio Service Mesh Vendor Evaluation Guide

Vendor Evaluation Guide

Istio is one of the most widely adopted service mesh technologies in the CNCF landscape. However, the problem enterprises run into with Istio is not having enough talent to manage the mesh in production.

Istio demands a huge learning curve. From integrating Istio with the existing tech stack and setting advanced configurations, to its timely patches, upgrades, and maintenance — enterprises often struggle with the self-managed/DIY Istio mode and turn to vendors for help.

There are a few vendors that provide enterprise Istio support or managed Istio. The critical part is about realizing a good return from the investment (ROI) made to an Istio vendor.

To that end, IMESH has done unbiased secondary research on the top 7 Istio service mesh vendors (based on 6 criteria), to help buyers and decision-makers choose the best fit for their production environment. Download the guide to dive straight into it.

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