Cloud Migration with Istio Service Mesh

Make your monolithic to microservices or on-prem to cloud migration easy with Istio service mesh

Enterprises are rapidly migrating their traditional workloads to the cloud (AWS/GCP/Azure) and container technologies (Kubernetes) to win customers.However, migration projects are usually full of complications and turbulence; many projects do not end well.

IT organizations can use Istio service mesh to eliminate the key challenges of migration projects- network and security complexities- and move workloads to the cloud happily.

This book is designed for architects, cloud and network engineers, and Ops teams to learn:

  • Issues during cloud migration projects
  • How to leverage Istio to tackle the network and security challenges during migration
  • How to prioritize an application to initiate a migration project
  • 8 steps to migrate on-prem to cloud using improve and move strategy

Istio and Envoy is used by