Secure Multicloud Microservices with Istio Service Mesh

Webinar Description

Organizations nowadays have realized the benefit of implementing a microservices architecture. They are deploying applications into Kubernetes spread over multiple clouds and clusters. This cloud-first approach has given them flexibility and scalability.

However, microservices and multicloud apps give rise to network and security challenges. The distributed network of microservices across the cloud makes it difficult to handle communication and secure the data in transit. More than web-based firewalls and perimeter security is needed, and applying consistent security policies for a plethora of services overwhelms developers.

The idea of service mesh was introduced to help organizations tackle these network and security challenges. Istio, a widely-used service mesh platform, enables abstracting the network and security logic from the application to the infrastructure layer.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Network and security challenges with multicloud microservices
  • Introduction to Istio service mesh, architecture, and features
  • How Istio helps Security teams and SREs - case study
  • Demo on how to secure communication (mTLS) between services using Istio

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Date : 30th March 2023

Time : 10:30 am-11:15 am IST


Pulak Das

Pulak Das, Istio and Envoy Expert

Pulak is a frontend developer passionate about open source software, design and typography. His scientific interests as a computer science graduate are at the systems level: operating systems and programming languages.

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