Getting started with Kubernetes Gateway API

Webinar Description

Kubernetes gateway API, a specification for handling ingress, has been generally available since 14th Nov, 2023. The project was developed to overcome the limitations of Ingress to increase compatibility and extensibility.

Unlike Ingress, the Kubernetes gateway API provides two resources for handling traffic- Gateway and Routes. While Gateway acts as a load balancer that listens to traffic from the client, Routes provides spec to configure rules on these gateways. With the multiple resources for various purposes, many new use cases of Kubernetes gateway API include the shared gateway for large teams, multicluster traffic splitting ( for HA architecture), etc.

Join the webinar to learn:

  • Why should you move away from your Ingress to K8s gateway API
  • Controllers to choose for implementing K8s gateway API
  • Value realized in handling ingress traffic at scale

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Date : 07th December 2023

Time : 09:00 AM PDT | 10:30 PM IST | Thursday


Ravi Verma

Ravi Verma, CTO

Ravi, a technology visionary, brings 12+ years of experience in software development and cloud architecture in enterprise software. He has led R&D divisions at Samsung and GE Healthcare and architected high-performance, secure and scalable systems for Baxter and Aricent. ​His passion and interest lie in network and security. Ravi frequently discusses open-source technologies such as Kubernetes, Istio, and Envoy Proxy from the CNCF landscape.

MD Azmal

Md Azmal, Founding Engineer

Azmal is one of the founding engineer at IMESH, who focuses on boosting enterprise performance and security using Istio and Envoy. He's a versatile full-stack developer skilled in building scalable and performant applications in the cloud. Azmal's interest in cybersecurity and networking has led him to work on various research projects in network security.

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