Value of Istio Service Mesh and Case Study: Mindtickle

Istio Service Mesh and Case Study: Mindtickle

Mindtickle improves the resiliency and security of microservices and multicloud K8s apps with Istio

Mindtickle’s infrastructure in AWS EKS consists of 300+ microservices with auto-scaling replica pods. The DevOps team did not want such a highly dynamic infrastructure to cause downtime and hamper the customer experience. They looked for a solution that can provide network reliability and application resiliency, and manage scaling Kubernetes clusters across regions.

After trying a few solutions, Mindtickle decided to use the Istio service mesh. Istio provides advanced network management and resiliency features — all under one roof. This book delves into how Mindtickle was able to leverage the networking and security features of Istio to achieve high availability (HA) K8s clusters:

  • Mindtickle’s Istio adoption with resiliency feature implementation (timeouts, retries, circuit breakers, and rate limiting)
  • Improved observability with better visibility into request per second (RPS), distributed tracing, response code, latency, etc.
  • Reduced data transfer cost with topology-aware networking.
  • Overall value realized from Istio

Istio and Envoy is used by