Deep Dive into Istio Architecture and Components

Deep Dive into Istio Architecture and Components

Istio service mesh plays a crucial role in improving developer productivity. It abstracts the networking and security features from the application code to the infrastructure layer, helping developers focus on building the business logic and rolling out new features and bug fixes quickly.

If you are a developer or architect, you will enjoy learning how the sidecar system manipulates Iptables and abstracts the whole networking in the Kubernetes systems. You will see that developing reliability and resiliency features for the application by implementing circuit breakers, retries, timeouts, fault injections, etc., will be straightforward with Istio sidecar patterns.

DevOps and developers in fast-growing companies like Walmart, Flipkart, AirBnb, eBay, Splunk, etc, have found it extremely valuable for overcoming their growing networking and security challenges at scale.

    Download this book to learn:

  • What is Istio service mesh, and why does it matter?
  • Istio components and Envoy sidecar architecture
  • Networking, security, and observability features of Istio
  • How does K8s traffic work with and without Envoy sidecar?
  • How does load balancing work for traffic splitting for HTTP and gRPC requests?

Istio and Envoy is used by